Why Gary Neville doesn’t believe Arsenal will win the EPL title

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Gary Neville, a legend of Manchester United, has predicted that Arsenal wouldn’t win the Premier League after their 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, Arsenal defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 to secure an important victory.

Hugo Lloris’ own goal and a potent Martin Odegaard strike helped the Gunners secure all three points during their dominant first-half performance. After the break, Mikel Arteta’s team slipped a bit, but Aaron Ramsdale’s heroics in goal earned Arsenal their first away victory against their neighborhood rivals in the Premier League since 2014.

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With Manchester City losing 2-1 to Manchester United on Saturday, the Gunners currently lead the table by eight points over the Citizens, who are in second place. Gary Neville, a former player for United, isn’t entirely sold on the north Londoners’ title challenge and thinks they’ll finish behind both City and his previous team.

Neville answered the question on his podcast with a categorical “No. However, I argued that Leicester wouldn’t take the league. They won’t be league champions. Arsenal supporters will be upset because I predict Manchester City will win the league and Man Utd will place second.

The truth is, in my opinion, Man City will score at some time, he continued. After that, they must play twice against Arsenal. Is Erling Haaland not receiving the service from City, or does he need to put in more effort? I’ll put that to you.

“Should he exert more effort or exercise patience instead?

“I believe City will win if Erling Haaland starts to roar, if City start to play well, if the defense starts to solidify a little more than it has, and if they can get Ruben Dias back.

“This season will at some time include a really challenging phase for Arsenal. Is it possible that Arsenal will carry on as they have been? It’s not, in my opinion.

    “Could they draw two and lose one in a span of three games, in which case their lead would be lost and the pack would be catching up to them? That’s what I predict will happen; we’ll witness a typical Premier League season in which one team serves as the pacemaker before being somewhat pulled back in. But I still believe that Arsenal will have a much better season than I could have ever dreamed.

    “Arteta joins that group if he wins the league this year. Despite his outstanding football, he continues to play. But he must take home the trophy. They are the exceptional managers, the ones who take home the titles in the Champions League and Premier League. So, let’s cross our fingers that they succeed if Man Utd fails, which I don’t think they will, since I’d prefer that for the Premier League.

    In my opinion, Man City has won too many championships.

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