The dangers of illicit drugs among the youth in Kenya today.

  • There is an increase in rate of crimes committed/theft.
  • Use of illicit drugs leads to sexual immorality/contracting sexually transmitted infections/HIV Aids
  • Dependence on illicit drugs depletes resources/lower productivity leading to poverty.
  • Illicit drugs can damage vital organs/cause ill health
  • illicit drugs cause indiscipline, in institutions of learning
  • The number of street children/families is increasing as a result of using drugs.
  • Use of illicit drugs is illegal; the offenders are liable for punishment/imprisonment.
  • Use of illicit drugs can cause employer/employee conflicts.
  • illicit drug users become irresponsible/quarrelsome/irritable leading to family disagreements/breakup.
  • Use of illicit drugs can lead to murder/death
  • Use of illicit drugs can lead to addiction.
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