The parable of the Coins ( Lk 19:11-27)

The parable of the Coins  ( Lk 19:11-27)

  1. A nobleman was going to a far country to be made a king
  2. before he left, he called ten of his servants and gave each a gold coin.
  3. He instructed them to trade with the gold coins.
  4. When he returned from his journey, he called the ten servants so that they could show what they had gained from trading with the coins.
  5. The first one had earned 10 gold coins with the one he had been given and the second had earned five gold coins.
  6. The two servants were commented for working had and for making profits.  The master increased their responsibilities.
  7. The third servant had ignored his master’s instructions.  He did not trade with the gold coin; instead, he hid it in a handkerchief.
  8. His master was annoyed with him. he condemned him.  He took a way the one gold coin he had and gave it to the servant who had the 10 gold coins.

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