Explain the ‘Ahka’m Shariah’ which a ‘Mukallaf’ is obliged to observe.


Ahka’m Shariah for Mukallaf.

  1. Fardh, obligatory, e.g. Salah, reward and punishment
  2. Wa’jib, essential, e.g. time and seasons of performing Ibadah, reward and punishment
  3. Hala’l, lawful, e.g. marriage, reward & punishment
  4. Haram, prohibited, e.g. drinking alcohol, reward and punishment
  5. Sunnah, optional, e.g. order of greeting, reward & no punishment
  6. Swahih, action done correctly, e.g. intention in fasting, reward & punishment
  7. Baathil, action wrongly done, e.g. praying without Wudhu, reward and punishment
  8. Makruh, hated by law, eg movements during prayers, reward & no punishment
  9. Mubah, permissible, e.g. eating elaborate food, neither reward nor punishment.


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