Discuss the contribution of ‘Ibn Khaldun’.


Contribution of Ibn Khaldun.

  1. Wrote books eg Almuqaddimah
  2. Served many states
  3. Lecturer Azhar University
  4. Produced notable students
  5. Became the Chief Qadhi of Egypt
  6. Discovered the branch of knowledge known as sociology
  7. First to write history of the Berbers of West Africa
  8. He took History as science to determine the future but not merely as past events
  9. He showed that people can continue with their studies while working
  10. He resisted the onslaught by the Timur or Tartar
  11. He spread Islam to many place
  12. He indicated that states or Kingdoms are like human beings, they are born, grow and then die
  13. He gave a clear process how a king is born and dies through five stages

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