Home Science Paper 2: Using the materials provided, cut out and make up the right half of the skirt

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A pattern of a child’s skirt is provided. You are advised to study the sketches, the question paper, and the layout before the test.



  1. The school should provide the following to the candidates:-
  2. Plain cotton fabric 50cm long by 91cm wide.
  3. Mercerized cotton sewing thread to match the fabric.
  4. Sufficient sewing equipment and tools.


  1. Pattern pieces
  2. Skirt front
  3. Skirt back
  4. Waistband
  5. Pocket
  6. Plain cotton fabric 50cm by 91cm.
  7. Mercerized sewing cotton thread to match the fabric.

NB: Use pattern piece C to cut interfacing for the waistband.


Using the materials provided, cut out and make up the right half of the skirt to show the following:

  1. Arranging the pleats on the skirt back.
  2. Making gathers on the skirt front
  3. Preparation and attaching the in-seam pocket
  4. Neatening the pocket’s raw edges
  5. Making the skirt side seam using an open seam
  6. Neatening the seam with edge stitching.
  7. Preparing the waistband using the interfacing
  8. Attaching the waistband to the skirt.
  9. Managing the lower hem of the skirt by slip hemming.

At the end of the examination, firmly sew on to your work on a single fabric a label bearing your name and index number.

Remove unwanted threads and pins from your work.

home sc p23


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