Give a brief biography of Uthman Dan Fodio?

Give a brief biography of Uthman Dan Fodio?

  1. Sheikh Uthman born in Maralta – 1754
  2. Father Muhammed Fodio a well-known scholar
  3. Learnt Quran from his father
  4. He took advanced studies in tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh etc
  5. Wrote his first work in Arabic – a poem in praise of the prophet S.A.W.W and other a total of 114 works.
  6. He educated the public on the fundamentals of the religion.
  7. He led Jihad against the Gobir forces, formed a new capital.
  8. Died in 1817

He contributed in the following/ His contributions

  1. Creation of Sokoto Caliphate.
  2. Boosted the positions of women in the society, esp. education.
  3. Strived against extremism among the scholars of his time.
  4. Played in reconciliation of the Islamic scholarship with sufisms.
  5. Fought against female circumcision.       

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