Outline the precautions observed when handling bees.

Outline the precautions observed when handling bees.

  1. Approach the beehive from behind always
  2. Avoid frightening the bees as this makes then wild and sting
  3. Wear protective clothing be in the right attire when handling bees
  4. Use the smoker properly i. e apply 2- 3 puffs of smoke around the hive then directly into through entrance holes
  5. Do not crush with the bees as this will make the whole colony excited
  6. Move quietly towards the beehive to avoid alerting them
  7. If stung do not run away or throw combs down
  8. If stung scrap off the stings with a sharp nail/razor blade. Rubbing releases more poison into the body

State the duties of a worker bee in a bee colony.

  1. They feed the queen and the brood
  2. Clean the hive
  3. Protect the hive from intruders as they have stings
  4. Build the combs using wax that they secrete from the glands
  5. Collect pollen and nectar
  6. Make honey and wax
  7. Place the eggs in the comb cells
  8. Regulate temperature in the hive
  9. Seal cracks in the hive

Describe the procedure of extracting honey from honeycombs using heat method.

  1. The honey combs are placed in a plastic container which is immersed in boiling water in another container
  2. The combs are heated until honey melts
  3. The honey is separated from the combs by straining using a muslin cloth into clean container
  4. Allow the honey to cool
  5. Remove the wax layer that forms on honey surface
  6. Pack the honey in clean containers ready for marketing

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