Outline the importance of fences in a mixed farm

Outline the importance of fences in a mixed farm.

  1. The perimeter fences mark the boundary/ demarcate the farm from that of the neighbor hence reduce land disputes.
  2. Provide security to the homestead and livestock/keep away intruders such as predators and trespassers.
  3. Facilitates rotational grazing e g paddocking
  4. Facilitate mixed farming by separating crop fields from pastures
  5. Control the spread of parasites and diseases by separating sick animals and keeping away wild animals
  6. Hedges act as wind breaks.
  7. Help to control breeding by having animals in different paddocks
  8. Prevent the formation of unnecessary paths on the farm.
  9. Protect water sources from pollution.
  10. Hedges and solid fences provide privacy in the homestead.
  11. Conserve soil and water i e act as barriers to run-off, roots hold soil particles together and leaves add organic matter to increase water infiltration.
  12. Hedges may be a source of fruits, firewood and livestock feed.
  13. Add beauty to the farm aesthetic value.
  14. Increase the value of the farm as fences are regarded as assets when valuing the farm.

Describe the procedure of establishing a timber post and barbed wire fence.

  1. Clear the fence line (1m wide)
  2. Measure and mark points where holes are to be made (4 -6m interval)
  3. Determine the position of corner and gate posts
  4. Dig holes 60cm deep for intermediate posts and 90cm for corner and gate posts.
  5. Place posts upright in the holes
  6. Mix and place concrete in each hole and  firm it
  7. Reinforce corner/gate posts by use of struts/brace
  8. Nail strands of barbed wire onto the posts using staples while stretching using a wire strainer at 30 – 50cm interval
  9. Fix the lower strand of wire first at 10cm from the ground and use it as a guide to fix the next.
  10. Intertwine droppers across the wire strand at 25cm intervals.

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