Explain six challenges facing the commonwealth

Explain six challenges facing the commonwealth. (12mks)

  1. Commonwealth is dominated by the developed nations.  This undermines policies / decisions made by the less developed members.
  2. Lack of adequate funds to finance its operations since most of its members are from less developed countries.
  3. Political instability / civil wars in many countries of Africa and Asia have affected the performance of the association in promoting peace / good governance.
  4. Members of commonwealth have a divided loyalty / lack commitment due to their involvement in other organizations.
  5. Members of commonwealth withdraw their membership at will hence affect smooth operation of the club.
  6. Ideological differences between the member countries / capitalism / communism make it difficult to speak with one voice on matters of national concern.
  7. Personality differences between heads of state / governments have negatively affected the association.
  8. The need to correct colonial injustices has created misunderstandings among members thus making it difficult for it to effectively implement its plans.
  9. Racial discrimination reflected by lack of free movement / restricted visa rules adopted by some countries has undermined social cohesion.
  10. Some member countries put their national interest before those of association thus making it difficult for the association to achieve its objectives.       

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