Explain eight factors that encourage soil erosion

Explain eight factors that encourage soil erosion

Factors that encourage soil erosion.

  • Lack of ground cover exposes soil to agents of soil erosion/ removal of cover crops.
  • Steep slopes increase the speed of surface run-off hence erosive power of water.
  • Light/ sandy soils are easily carried away by agents of soil erosion.
  • Shallow soils are easily saturated with water and carried away.
  • Frequent cultivation / over cultivation pulvenses the soil making it easy to detach and be carried away.
  • Overstocking leads to overgrazing which destroys ground cover exposing it to agents of erosion.
  • High amount of rainfall increases saturation of soil with water thus increasing soil erosion.
  • Cultivation of the river banks destroys river line vegetation exposing it to soil erosion agents.
  • Ploughing up and down the slopes creates water channels which encourage soil erosion.
  • High rainfall intensity increases impact of raindrop thus encouraging raindrop erosion.
  • Burning of vegetation leaves land bare exposing it to erosion agents.
  • Cultivating soil when too dry or too wet destroys soil structure making soil easily eroded.

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