Describe the establishment of cabbages under the following subheadings., i)Land preparation ii)Transplanting

Describe the establishment of cabbages under the following subheadings.

      i)Land preparation (3mks)

      ii)Transplanting (7mks)

Establishment of cabbages under.   

Land preparation.

  • Clear the vegetation
  • Plough / dig deeply to eradicate perennial weeds.
  • Harrow to a medium tilth
  • Prepare land during the dry season.


  • Transplanting the seedlings at the age of four to six weeks
  • Transplant during a cloudy or cool day.
  • Water the nursery bed thoroughly before transplanting.
  • Lift seedlings with a ball of soil around the roots to avoid damaging the roots.
  • Water the field well before transplanting.
  • Apply a handful of well decomposed organic manure or one table spoonful of DSP per hole.
  • Apply suitable insecticides to control soil borne pests.
  • Plant seedlings at the same depth as they were in the nursery.
  • Firm the soil well around the base of the seedlings.

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