Study the sketch map of the great lakes – St. Lawrence

Study the sketch map of the great lakes – St. Lawrence

a) Name  

i) The part marked N (1 mk)       Quebec

ii) The waterfall marked M         Niagara Falls

iii) The lakes marked I, J, K, L (4 mks)

I    Lake Superior
J     Lake Michigan
K    Lake Huron
L    Lake Ontario

Explain five ways in which the great lake of St. Lawrence Seaway has contributed to the economy of Canada and USA. (10 mks)

  1. The seaway has created employment opportunities in transport industry thus raising the living standards of people
  2. The Seaway is tourist attraction which generates income in the region
  3. Tariffs charges earns the country income
  4. It provides easy navigable means of transport for both imports and exports. This encourages internal and international trade
  5. It has led to the growth of parts and towns e.g. Quebec, Montreal and Duruth


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