State eight occasions when Nehemiah prayed.

State eight occasions when Nehemiah prayed. (8mks)

  1. Before asking Artaxerxes to let him go back to Judah.
  2. When he learned that Jewish in Judah were suffering and the walls were in ruins.
  3. When enemies made fun of the jew and discouraged them from rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.
  4. When the enemies conspired to attack Jerusalem to stop the construction work
  5. After he condemned the rich for oppressing the poor.
  6. When his enemies planned to harm him.
  7. When he was frightened by Shemaiah to hide in the temple claiming there was a plot to kill him.
  8. When he cleansed and recognized the temple for worship.
  9. After warning the people of Judah against violating the Sabbath law.
  10. When he chased away the son-in-law of Sanballat.
  11. After cleansing the Israelites of foreign influence.


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