Advertisement/Creative Writing – English Paper 1 Questions and Answers Model08062022002



Write an advertisement inviting oral anabolic steroids for sale various companies to tender their goods with your school. The company must be a wholesaler Company. It must indicate the mode of payment, and how the goods would be delivered to the school.
Inform the company when the items are required in your institution.
(8 marks)


b) Advertisement
(i) Address should include:
– Physical address ½ mark
– Postal address ½ mark
– Telephone number ½ mark Either can stand for physical and postal address. If a candidate
– Email address ½ mark chooses one of their award (1 mark)
– Date ½ mark


(i) Description of products or services required: as stated in
(a) above ( 1 mark)
Dealership: Indicate that the company must be a wholesaler ½ mark
Mode of payment: the company should state whether by cheque or cash. ½ mark
Date: the institution should indicate when items are required ½ mark
Delivery: Inquire whether the company delivers the items or the school collects them. ½ mark
Inquire on condition of sale: Is the price fixed or there is a discount/offer on the items. ½ mark
Inquire about the warranty of goods or lack of it. (optional)
F = 5
L = 03

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