Advantages of Windows Operating Systems


Advantages of Windows Operating Systems.


  1. It is easy to open programs, find documents, and switch between programs.
  2. Windows provide facilities such as the Windows Explorer, which enable one to browse through & manage you files, folders, and drives easily.
  3. Windows can support long file names, making it easier to find and organize files.
  4. Windows has improved Video, CD & sound capabilities, and can fully support MS-DOS-based games.
  5. Windows makes it easier to install new hardware devices onto the system.  It is able to recognize and sets up a certain Plug-and-Play hardware whose card has been inserted in the computer automatically.
  6. Windows allows true Multitasking, i.e. it allows the user to run more than one (several) program at the same time, each in its own window.
  7. Windows is user-friendly, i.e., it is menu driven, hence easy to operate, because the options used in particular programs are usually displayed on the screen in form icons.
  8. Windows supports a wide choice of networks & transmission protocols.  It also has facilities for sharing files & devices.
  9. Windows has facilities that allow people to work with all types of electronic communications, e.g., it allows people to send text messages, transfer files, and also hold digital live face-to-face
    conversations with family friends & business associates around the world.
  10. Windows includes My Briefcase, a file synchronization tool & a utility for transferring files over a direct cable link or dial-up networking.
  11. All Windows applications share a common set of commands.  E.g., Open, Save, Print, etc & therefore, there is no need to learn a different set of commands for each application.
  12. Windows allows movement of text or items from one program to another. i.e., it is easy to exchange information between Windows applications.
  13. Windows has facilities that enable the computer to save power resources by putting the computer on standby or hibernation.
  14. Windows includes a Help system that makes your computer easier to use.  It helps you find answers to your questions easily, or get up-to date technical support from the WWW.

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